The pressure beam saw offers a high performance package for a wide range of different requirements with its extremely compact dimensions. Moreover, it is suitable for works which have to plan their operating areas in a highly economic manner but nevertheless requires a far superior cutting result than normal.


The edge banding machine sticks an edge band on the borders of the panel based on the customers’ choice. Perfect finishing is ensured due to the well advanced system. As well, rounding edging is enabled.


The dynestic machine provides modern manufacturing firms with the perfect entry into nesting technology. The finest, practically oriented equipment, simple ergonomic control and an extremely beneficial price /performance ratio are the cornerstones of the DYNESTIC machining centre. The welded machine frame, ground and hardened prism guides and the stable stands ensure a high level of manufacturing precision even in long-term use and with high loads.
The dynestic machine helps our customers get their customized piece of art. This machine accomplishes three essential tasks which are boring, drilling, cutting, and thus highly facilitate carpenters job. Thus, a dynastic machine reports any required design on any kind of wood.


A hot pressing machine enables the customer to select the type of veneer, the specific color of formaica or the specific thickness of MDF desired to be pressed on any kind of panel to be used. Customization is the idea beyond this machine.
Working with veneer, disposing them in an artistic manner can be very elegant and attractive. Actually, architects rely heavily on veneer to show their creativity in the wood field and the hot pressing machine can fuse the design into time.


A sawmill enables the production of all kind of wood services mainly the production of doors, kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. Simple services are also available and served on a daily basis as clearing and cutting timber. Door frames are also produced continuously.