Founded in 1978 North Lebanon, Raymond Maarawi Co. for Wood is today a leading player in the Lebanese wood market. Outsourcing every specie from its fountainhead, the company provides a variety of timber products to its clientele. Being a wood trader, local carpenter, a furniture manufacture, an architect, an engineer, a contractor, a walk in clientele all their needs can be served. That is Raymond Maarawi Co. for Wood works on a macro- scale by being a wholesaler and on a micro-scale by being a retailer through satisfying the needs of its customers through its five branches spread all over the Lebanese territory.

In 2014, Raymond Maarawi Co. for Wood has recently spread its reach beyond the homeland to cover also the Nigerian market by opening a new branch in Lagos.

The company has imposed itself as a leading brand not only in the import-export wood business, but also as a leading figure in the service & manufacturing of wood products and in the offering of related services.

The latest of its achievements was crowned by the launching of its new segment Em Concept .